Resources for health professionals


PCL helps health professionals help women

PCL offers professional counselling services to other health professionals and referring organisations that are in the business of helping women. Our goal is to help women and their partners with any issues or concerns associated with pregnancy and reproduction.  The professional counselling and education resources we can provide for you, your staff and your patients or clients, include:

  • Personal counselling services
  • Scheduled counselling sessions for your clients, on-site at your offices
  • Informal meetings and discussions with your staff
  • Education workshops for small private groups
  • Presenting at business seminars and industry forums
  • Brochures and educational material which we update regularly to meet the needs of our clients, referring organisations and health professional partners.

PCL’s areas of expertise

Our Counselling Services cover a broad subject area and we encourage you to find out more about our special areas of expertise.

We welcome your call and questions

Please contact us if you would like to discuss ways we can support your organisation and your clients or if you would like to find out more about PCL and our Counselling and Education Services.