Unplanned pregnancy option


Considering your unplanned pregnancy options

After nearly 40 years of helping women with unplanned pregnancy options, we are very aware of the confusion and anxiety you are now feeling.  We also know that one of the most important actions for you to take right now is to talk and seek support.  That’s why we are here, and we would like to help you in any way we can.

One aspect of the support we can offer you is helping to clarify options.  These are:

  • Parenting
  • Adoption
  • Termination

Simple words covering very complex decisions and issues!  It can be overwhelming and you may be feeling very conflicted about what to do.   Let’s start by looking at your options in more detail.


One of your options when faced with an unplanned pregnancy is to continue with your pregnancy and raise your child.

Some of the things which you may feel are worth considering include interruptions to your study, work and career, how your relationship might change, or how parenting as a single parent might be for you.  Perhaps you want to find out about what government financial assistance is available.


Adoption is the legal act of permanently placing a baby with parents who will raise the child as their own.  Even if you know you have sound reasons for adopting your child to another family, the actual decision to choose adoption is not easy.

The most common reason an expectant mother may choose adoption is that she wants a better life for her child.  If you feel that you’re not in a financial position to raise a child, or perhaps your safety and that of the child in the future would be at risk, or that having a child now would interfere with your future plans and goals, then adoption may be a choice to think about carefully.

There are many practical and legal issues to consider and you need to be well informed about your rights.  It is very important to receive professional help to understand the potential emotional consequences you may face whilst considering this option, or after you have adopted your child.


While exploring your options for an unplanned pregnancy, you may feel financial instability, interruptions to your study and career or relationship difficulties are reasons to consider termination.  You may also be uncertain if this is the choice for you particularly if it conflicts with your values and beliefs.  Having someone to talk to about these issues will help you to be clearer about your decisions.

Some women experience unexpected emotional issues following a termination, so it is vital for you to access professional support.  No matter what decision you ultimately make, it will be life impacting.

Contact our PCL Counsellors to talk about your situation in a safe and caring atmosphere.  Our Counsellors are experienced in pregnancy counselling and will listen to your situation without judgement.

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