Relationship Counselling


Relationship counselling can help

The professional services offered by PCL include relationship counselling and support for women and men whose relationship has been impacted by any pregnancy or reproductive issues either in Brisbane or around Australia.

We have always considered relationship counselling to be a valuable aspect of our services and we welcome calls from people of all ages, whether your concern is about an unplanned pregnancy, preventing an unwanted pregnancy or regarding other reproductive problems. Whether you’re located in Brisbane like us or if you like somewhere else in Australia, feel free to contact us and we can discuss what you’re going through.

Some of the issues that women and their partners contact us about include:

  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • Loss experienced during pregnancy
  • Making decisions as a couple
  • “My partner doesn’t understand my feelings of anxiety and depression,
    and neither do I”
  • When a pregnancy changes a relationship
  • “I don’t feel safe in my relationship”
  • Assisted pregnancy and the impact on a relationship
  • Questions about a first sexual relationship
  • Fertility and a woman’s menstrual cycle
  • Consequences of unprotected sex

Professional counselling can help

We encourage you to call and talk about your own situation and your concerns. Our Counselling Services are provided by one of our team of qualified Counsellors and are free of charge.

You can call us for telephone counselling from anywhere in Australia, or if you live in Brisbane, you can arrange to meet with one of our Counsellors for a face to face counselling session. We offer you a safe and caring atmosphere where you can talk confidentially.

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