Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week 15 – 21 November 2015


Postnatal Depression Awareness Week will now be known as Perinatal Depression and Anxiety (PNDA) Awareness Week. This change is in response to the importance of recognising and supporting parents’ mental health right through the perinatal period (during pregnancy and after birth). Antenatal anxiety and depression are strong risk factors in developing postnatal anxiety and depression. Early treatment during pregnancy can reduce these risks. We need to consider a parent’s wellbeing across this continuum, rather than viewing these periods as separate.

It’s not all Black and White

Up to 1 in 10 expecting mums and 1 in 20 expecting dads struggle with antenatal depression and more than 1 in 7 new mums and up to 1 in 10 new dads are diagnosed with postnatal depression each year. Even more are thought to suffer anxiety. It’s important for expecting and new parents, as well as those around them, to be aware of perinatal anxiety and depression, to know the signs to look out for and where to go for help. Everyone’s experience of parenthood, including perinatal anxiety and depression, is different. However with the right treatment and support, new parents can make a full recovery.

Join us this year in raising awareness of perinatal anxiety and depression in Australia. See below about how you can get involved.

Other ways to support PNDA Awareness Week:

  • Join the Conversation at #bePNDAaware
  • Post a black and white picture to Instagram or facebook to spread the word that perinatal mental illness isn’t all black and white #bePNDAaware #itsnotallBandW
  • Make a donation
  • Promote PNDA Awareness Week by printing and displaying this POSTER 

If you, or someone you know, needs help please phone 1800 777 690.

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AGM Invitation

Proudly supporting Pregnancy Counselling Link

All Members, Friends and Supporters of Pregnancy Counselling and Education Services Inc and Pregnancy Counselling Link are invited to attend the 42nd A.G.M Meeting:

Wednesday, 25 November 2015
Ithaca Creek Sports Club
Fulcher Road Red Hill
(next door to Broncos)
12pm Guest Speaker
Desley Scott (retired MP for Woodridge) with Q&A Time
Lunch provided (sandwiches & fruit platter)
1pm AGM opening

Please RSVP by 16 November 2015
07 3512 7999

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Free interactive oral language program – Sherwood (July 2015)


A free, interactive oral language program which focuses on empowering parents and carers to use nursery rhymes, songs, dance,

movement, relaxation and stories as a tool to form secure attachments, learn about early literacy and numeracy, as well as further develop emotional and social skills whilst having fun.

Parents learn that they are their child’s best instrument and supporter and they do not require expensive toys or equipment to support their child’s development.

9.30 – 11.00am Wednesday 15, 22 & 29 July 2015

Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre
38 Thallon St, Sherwood

To register please phone 1800 777 690.


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Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre PCL Counselling Sessions



It can be helpful to talk to a counsellor. Women are faced with many issues during pregnancy and their life journey. At PCL we specialise in counselling and education services offering support around:

  • Pregnancy and parenting
  • Relationships
  • Navigating life changes
  • Fertility and reproduction
  • Loss and grief

PCL is now offering sessions on Fridays at Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre – 38 Thallon St, Sherwood QLD 4075.

Please phone 1800 777 690 to make an appointment.

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Nundah Community Health Clinic PCL Counselling sessions

wPCL-DL-NHCC-Nundah-Flyer wPCL-DL-NHCC-Nundah-Flyer2

It can be helpful to talk to a supportive person, such as a counsellor. Our counsellors are tertiary qualified, experienced professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality of service to women. We also support partners and families.

Monday and Wednesday appointments are now available at Nundah Community Health Clinic – 10 Nellie Street Nundah.

Phone 1800 777 690 to book an appointment.

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The 2014 – 2015 Entertainment™ Membership expires 1 June


If you haven’t already purchased a new 2015 | 2016 Entertainment™ Membership, now is the time to do so. Plus, 20% of every Membership we sell contributes toward our fundraising!

For just $65, you will receive over $20,000 worth of valuable offers in the new 2015 | 2016 Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and surrounds Entertainment™ Membership!

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Coping with pregnancy loss: one mother’s story


Sabrina Rogers-Anderson

In honour of International Bereaved Mother’s Day, Sabrina Rogers-Anderson stops to reflect on the painful experience of losing a baby.

A couple of years ago, a good friend sent me a message saying she’d lost a baby at 12 weeks. She lives in a different city, so I had no idea she’d been trying for a second child. And because I hadn’t had my daughter yet, I couldn’t even begin to fathom how much pain she was going through.

To this day, I still cringe when I think back on the pre-packaged platitudes I said to her. “Don’t worry – I hear it’s really common!”

As if the fact that an estimated one in four pregnancies in Australia ends in miscarriage each year is any consolation when your heart has been broken and your dreams have been shattered.

And, “Well, at least you can try again soon!” Actually, no. When you lose a baby that far along, your body needs time to recover – sometimes several months. And also, there’s a good chance that your grief will prevent you from breaking out the sexy lingerie and jumping right back on that horse (sorry).

About a year later, I was up the duff myself. I thought back on what my friend had experienced and felt devastated that I’d failed to offer her the support she might have needed. She’s a tough cookie, but as I compiled lists of potential baby names and pondered colours for the nursery, I understood how deeply attached a mum can be to a baby that’s no bigger than a pea (and hers had been about the size of a passionfruit – eek).

I apologised profusely to her and I was really glad when she told me honestly that she’d been surprised by my response as I’m normally a very empathetic person. We talked it out and I felt so much better afterwards. I came to the conclusion that I should stop beating myself up for being insensitive because – like so many other hardships in life – it’s exceedingly difficult for someone who’s never been through it to understand.

Losing a baby – my story

And so when I lost a baby last month, I didn’t feel upset at all when a few of my friends said the exact same things to me. They don’t have children, so how were they to know what I was going through? Thankfully, I got a lot of support from friends and family members who have been through it, and from a fantastic Facebook mothers’ group I’m so lucky to have.

To be honest, when it first happened I thought, “Eh, whatever, no biggie.” I waltzed into our bedroom and said to my husband, “I lost the baby” like I would say, “We’re out of milk.” See, I wasn’t even five weeks pregnant, so it was as if my period was just a few days late. What I had is known as a chemical pregnancy, which despite the name is an actual pregnancy – it’s just one that miscarries very early in the game.

What is a chemical pregnancy?

Chemical pregnancies are really common and apparently a lot of women never even know they’ve had one because they just think their period is late. But I knew because my hubby and I had been trying for this baby and we really wanted it. So I’d started taking home pregnancy tests several days before my period was due (they’re that sensitive now) and gotten several faint positives. I’d tried not to get excited, but I was.

A few hours after my initial “we’re out of milk” reaction, I felt a deep sadness come over me. While some women say they mourn the baby they’ve lost, I didn’t really feel attached to that particular baby. I couldn’t really pinpoint the exact source of my sorrow and make sense of my emotions – I just felt drained and absolutely miserable.

My grieving process

For a week after it happened, I just wanted to crawl under the doona and stay there forever. And to add insult to injury, all the changes that had started happening in my body didn’t instantly go away – my boobs still hurt, I felt fatigued and I was bloated like a beached whale. A quick survey in my mothers’ group confirmed this would last until my next period. Great. Clearly my hormones were all over the shop, which probably contributed to my sadness.

But no matter how bad I felt, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I shouldn’t feel miserable because it was so early that it didn’t really count. It was little more than a missed period, I reasoned, so I should stop wallowing and get on with it. Plus, another good friend of mine had a miscarriage at 12 weeks around the same time and I was absolutely gutted for her. I kept thinking: if I feel this horrible after five weeks, how must she be feeling? I felt like I didn’t deserve to be sad when she was going through much worse.

Grief doesn’t have a scale

After talking to a few supportive friends though, I came to realise that my grief was just as valid as anyone else’s. There’s no official “sadness scale” we must adhere to – in fact, respecting your emotions is the healthiest way to grieve.

I’m feeling much better now and the spring in my step is back. But this Sunday, 10 May, I will have a thought for all the women out there who have lost a baby at all stages of pregnancy – and even after they were born. My heart goes out to you all. Your sorrow is absolutely valid and real, so try to give it the space and respect it deserves. You owe it to yourself and to that little life that was lost. Big hugs, beautiful mamas.

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea – please support PCL



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PCESi Fundraiser sponsoring Pregnancy Counselling Link


Please help us fundraise by purchasing your Entertainment book through PCESi proudly supporting PCL.


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Spotlight on Pregnancy and Family Violence

pregnancy-01Pregnancy can be a time of extremes – from a wonderfully rich experience to one of anguish and despair. So much of how a woman feels about her pregnancy depends on a range of contingent factors, not least of which is the quality of her relationship with her partner. Thankfully, there is a growing awareness of the dangers that women face from domestic and family violence in Australia.

It is disturbing to realize that around one-third of women who have experienced DV did so for the first time while they were pregnant. According to research, the risk of violence is even higher in cases of unplanned pregnancy. Some of the serious consequences to health include increased risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, termination and postnatal depression. We cannot neglect the risk of fatality, as has been the sad outcome for 15 women in Australia to date for this year alone.

The Queensland Taskforce to investigate Domestic and Family Violence, has called for a more comprehensive response to this social problem which has far reaching impacts in society. The report focused on three key aspects: the cultural attitudes of our community; the role of services and the importance of an integrated response; and the functions of our legal and justice systems.

As a community, we all have a responsibility to stop the behaviour and attitudes that perpetuate the cycle of domestic violence. We need to create a culture that supports respectful relationships, practices positive attitudes and behaviours, and promotes a culture of non-violence. Preventing others from becoming victims of domestic and family violence is the key.

Those affected by domestic and family violence typically have complex needs and often need to draw on a broad range of services. Pregnancy Counselling Link is proactively working in partnership with specialist DV and Mental Health services to provide an integrated response to women and families affected by domestic violence, which is resulting in better outcomes for all.

If you read this and recognise that you are at risk, or that someone you know is at risk, take the time to call our counselling line (1800 777 690) and talk to a counsellor. We can provide you with more information and support to get the help that you need.

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